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Get a Holster Belt!

Don’t think about it, just do it.

A lot of holster issues can be traced directly to the lack of a good belt. When you carry a pistol on a belt, the belt is as important as the holster. In fact, a poor holster can sometimes work OK when a good belt is used, while a very good holster might be worthless when worn on the wrong kind of belt.

A belt holster is best made from leather and should be designed with holster carry as the intended purpose. I always wore leather belts growing up, but it was not until I started carrying a concealed pistol on a daily basis that I realized that even a good quality leather belt that is not designed as a holster belt does not support a holster correctly.

When I first began wearing a holster belt, I could not believe the difference it made.

Another advantage to a holster belt is that a belt built to support a holster is also a belt built to last. I used to get around two to four years from a leather belt before I wore it out. I have been wearing the holster belt I am wearing now since 2007 and it is as sound as when I first started, and still looks good, despite daily wear. The manufacturer says I should expect to get about 26 years of use from it, and I believe it.

I recommend a leather belt that is at least two-ply, and designed to support a heavy pistol. A wide belt is usually better than a narrow belt, but either can work if built correctly. A good buckle design is a necessity – you don’t want a buckle that releases unexpectedly.

I generally don’t care for web belts, since they usually provide poor support; even some of the “rigger’s” or “instructor” belts do not support a pistol as well as a good leather belt. Also, a web belt often designed to look “tactical” can bring unwanted attention, while a classy leather belt does not look out of place.

Whatever belt you choose, make sure it is a quality belt designed for carrying a holster. It does make a difference.

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