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  • The Religion of Peace

    ISLAM IS PEACE. The low wall along the garbage-strewn street proclaimed it boldly, if somewhat crudely, in spray paint. Arabic above and English beneath. The translation, [...]
  • Are night sights useless?

    We see a constant fluctuation of ideas and techniques sweeping the firearms training community, the gunwriting community, and, of course, the counters of our local gun [...]
  • A Holster is not Enough

    You  spent countless hours researching your options before purchasing your carry pistol. You picked up your pistol and bought a holster off the shelf at the gun shop almost [...]
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Shooting with the Gestapo (Don’t be a range Nazi.)

by Dylan Saunders in Tactics and Training

After attending a gunwriter’s event I was waiting for my flight back to Alaska, hanging out with a friend who offers private shooting lessons. We drove to meet a [...]


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