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User Reviews of the Mepro TRU-DOT RDS

The new Mepro TRU-DOT RDS sight builds on combat-proven technology to provide an affordable optic for Law Enforcement.

Now that the Mepro TRU-DOT RDS red dot sight has been in the hands of shooters for a while, we have been getting feedback from our customers. Here are some comments we have heard from them:

“I currently own a SRS, Eotech, Elcan, Aimpoint M4s and the Mepro and the Mepro RDS sight is a steal.”

“Seriously awesome.”

“Very happy, like a d—n aim point with more features and a bigger fov”

“I’ve had my RDS for 1.5 weeks and I’ve already dropped the sucker on a brazilian koa hardwood floor, the optic didn’t even scratch but damn if it didn’t gouge the wood . . . so far this thing is a tank.”

“. . . this RDS is looking great. For all the features that it has that I wanted, the integrated mount, big viewing window, single dot reticle, single AA battery, auto off, etc. I would buy it again so far, even over my exps2. It seems so far like you are getting a great optic at a price that is very competitive, which I like.”

“I like my rds much better than eotechs”

“. . . I have to say I am really impressed…like it was made for the Tavor I mounted mine to. Nice big view, the right height with no riser, switch is a breeze to use some thing a lot of other sites could improve on, quick releases are small so I don’t feel inclined to remove them to save weight. Appears to be made military strong like my Aimpoint M4s, Trijicon SRS, Eotech, and Elcan DR.”

“It is 2 oz lighter than the Pro with the issued Aimpoint mount . . . . The over all high of the Mepro is lower than the Aimpoint but the window is higher! Sweet! :)
The auto off works great! It sook about 20 min to go out and then I touched the rifle literally with one finger and it came back on. Sweet!!
In conclusion if I were on the market for a red dot for my Tavor the Mepro True-dot is the way I would go. I obliviously can’t speak on it’s fog resistance or water proof or even shock resistance but I would guess it ranks up there with the best of them.. ”

“Now for the impression that counts — Nice crisp dot. Nice build quality. Nice feel in hand. Nice sight picture. NICE!!! Can’t find any real flaw other than my Tavor is the tan/earth color. I think need a black Tavor now too.”

“Happy to say I got mine zeroed today at 50yards. Easy to zero, removed the mount and put it back on same position and it returned to zero fine. Nice crisp dot helps for shooting longer ranges. At 50 yards I was grouping a little over an inch 5 shot groups. Moved to 100 and was grouping around 2 inches with Wolf gold, which is right on for my rifle even when using my 4x ACOG. Very pleased, as long as it holds up, would buy again.”

“I just got back from the range, I think I’m keeping mine. “

“I agree w/the AA battery & battery life initially being the biggest draws for me as well, but now that I’ve had time to play with it for awhile, I have to say the motion-sensing auto-on/off feature is rapidly becoming my fav feature. It’s so nice to set the optic for the desired setting and just put it away knowing that there’ll be no constant battery drain or service life wear on the LED yet it’s ready to go literally the moment I pick it up. ”

“I just returned from the gun range and sighted in the Mepro.
Using a Colt LE6920, which is my first AR 15, purchased about a month ago.
I had previously shot the riffle with the Magpul sights, and it was a challenge to
zero it in at 25 yards.

Today was a different story altogether. I took my time and followed the manual
regarding the procedure for sighting at 25 yards. After that was accomplished I
went through another 30 rounds just having fun. The difference in using the iron
sights compared to the Mepro is just amazing, and difficult to explain to someone
who has never used a red dot optic. The ease in acquiring the target, with both
eyes open, and the large FOV through the lens makes even a newbie like me look
like an accomplished shooter. I still have a lot to learn obviously.

I do plan on some longer range target acquisition next time I go out to the range,
but for now I’m very comfortable in knowing that this rifle and RDS can, and may be,
the defensive weapon of choice that I had been wanting for a long time. CCW with my pistols
is still a daily routine, but with the Colt and Mepro I have most any situation covered. “

“I actually think the QD mount levers are some of the better ones I’ve used, as they solidly lock yet aren’t too hard to pull open with my fingers. Brightness levels seem well-chosen, too. Glass is very clear.”

“I’ve had to remove some quick release levers because they were so large they stuck out and got in my way and the weight of them just bugged me. The Mepro ones I found addressed all these issues, Worked great small out of the way. Excellent design.”

“Bottom line: . . . I have to say I’m impressed w/the features offered for the price. The only possible downside I can think of at this time is if you just can’t live w/o an absolute cowitness. ”

“QD mounts adjusted easily and clamped-down solidly, no worries there. Did a lowlight test in my darkened garage using the 500 lumen Inforce WMLx on my rifles. I was very surprised that the dot was still visible at the low setting even when aiming at a white wall 6′ away. The dot was very visible on the medium setting, I believe that will be my default setting in the future. This optic is looking better and better. “

“FOV is almost the same as the Eotech. Maybe even a touch wider.
I really like the simplicity of the brightness settings also. H-M-L and night is adequate and the knob is very tactile. Kinda’ like a PVS14.
It’s definately going to hurt Eotech business. Probably the same for Aimpoint guys that were only buying for the battery life!
I’m likin’ it so far!”

“Love the fov, love the auto on and off feature, glass is nice and clear with no tint, brightness options are just right as well.”

“The Mepro RDS was the fastest/easiest sight-in I’ve ever experienced . . . it took me only 15 minutes to sight-in 3 rifles (and that includes walking back and forth to move targets and patch holes).
After initially adjusting the RDS’ dot to match my BUIS, 1st shot put me on paper at 25yds, 2nd shot confirmed initial adjustment, then 10rds of 5.56 at 50yds followed by final adjustment. .5moa clicks were very precise & accurate for me, a huge difference from my earlier 1moa Mepro M21’s. Color me happy!”

“I mounted my Mepro RDS to my Tavor today and it looks like it was made for it…which it probably was, I set it just ahead of the rear iron and that seems pretty good you can easily see the irons through the bottom third of the large view. The glass is clear and the dot focuses at infinity better than some much more expensive scopes. The on/off level dial is really nice and easy to use something many much more expensive scopes could benefit from. “

“I like my rds much better than eotechs”

“Like how clear the glass is, no blue or green tint. Adjusting the dot brightness is fast and easy, even when wearing gloves.”

“so far I’m thinking this the perfect optic for my Tavor.”

“it seems like this will officially unseat or compliment the Aimpoint PRO for affordability and capability!”

“The main reason I originally went w/the Meprolight M21 is that Aimpoint/Eotech reticles were increasingly distorted due to my astigmatism yet the M21’s reticle was clear/sharp for me. The Mepro RDS dot is still a little distorted to my eyes but more usable than the Aimpoints/Eotechs.”

“It’s great . . . . I would buy it again if I was to do it over. Big glass, easy knob a d solid. I mounted mine on an AR15 300 Blackout pistol.”

“I like this red dot a lot. Really a good deal for the price. Shot great, easy to dial in and love the switch for turning on and dialing brightness.”

“I don’t post very much but I felt this being a new sight on the market I should chime in and comment on how freaking awesome it is for the money.
I’ve been saving up for a T-1 and saw this sight in the New Products forum and figured what the heck.”

“Up until now I was running an EOtech 552 and I loved it.
The RDS doesnt look as good to me aesthetically and is taller than the 552 but I’ll get over that because it’s lighter, the dot is clear and sharp, the simple adjustment knob is the best thing ever (I was worried going from the wide-range of 552 settings to the limited range of the RDS but now I see that 90% of those 552 settings are useless in the real world) and the battery life is an absolute knockout.
I have a series of carbine classes coming up and I’ll know after running, jumping, crawling and 5,000 or so rounds in the sand if the RDS is tough enough but from the last week with it I’m sure it’s plenty tough enough.
I’ll very likely be picking up a couple more within the next year provided people don’t catch on to what a deal this is and the MSRP jumps up.
One question I have, and is probably answered in the manual, is how water-resistant is it? NVM. Got my answer: Waterproof Depth: 20 Meters Awesome.”

“The mount is very solid, with a simple but effective design. The right side that grabs the rail is part of the lower sight body and is aluminum. The left side and all the other parts of the mount are steel. When adjusted properly, very easy to do with a 7mm wrench, it locks up tight, but can be easily removed using the QD levers. Did some barricade shooting this morning and banged it into the posts as hard as we always do during a timed run. The sight stayed solidly in place and maintained zero perfectly and is none the worse for wear.
So far it is proving to be everything they advertised . . . I own or have owned the other brands of red dots and so far this one seems to be of the same high quality as the best of them.”

“I’m liking mine so much, I picked up a second one for my shotgun from another member. Purchased my original with 7.62 and had zero issues. My EOTech XPS is now up for sale!”

“Shooting … took me 2 clicks to zero. Held up to 80 rounds of mixed PMC Xtac 55gr and Federal 62gr Gold Dots. I also banged the sight a few times against the shelf at the range, while mounted, then re-shot on the original sighting target. Held zero based on that (very short) shooting session.”

“Best friend (retired LEO) tried his today for the first time. Sighted-in quick/easy and he loves it, especially the large FOV through the optic & the motion-sensing auto-on/off feature.”

“I like the battery. But better yet is the dial instead of buttons.”

“Love the wide screen and uber quick brightness adjustment knob. Only time will tell how stout it is, but I have faith in Israeli military standards. Mounting on the forward rail makes the wide lower body look intrusive. No problem on receiver rail. Machining and finish are superb. I’ll still be looking for a bargain H1/T1 when the T2s come out, but would choose this over another Pro or M series.”

“No problems with mine. QD mount is solid, no rattle and locks up tight. No odd reflections and glass is very clear without any tint to it. Mount is as solid as any of my “quality mounts”

“I have one of these new Mepro’s. So far it is proving to be a much better optic than the 3 different Trijicon SRS’s I had. Those had a crazy glare. Even after sending them back to Trijicon. I really wanted that optic to work too.. Ran the Mepro Friday and really like the FOV. Shoulder the rifle and even with a bad cheek weld the dot is right there.”

“I confess to being a fan of Aimpoint and Trijicon. ( have 4 of each) I also find much to like about the Mepro.”

“-Build quality is excellent, however maybe not as finely finished as my ACOG or EoTech.
-Weight, some people have been complaining its a little heavy, however I cannot notice a difference mounted, so I’m happy.
-Glass, big window is clear no tint that I can detect with my naked eye so, excellent.
-Co-witness is about lower third as others have said. I prefer absolute but bringing the rifle up to my shoulder and pointing at an object is done quickly while still maintaining good cheek position. That being said, I use flip up sights and do not leave them in the up position unless I need them. I am not a fan of co-witnessing a rifle while actually in use.
-Brightness settings, one of the reasons that I wanted this optic specifically is because I hate optics that offer 10+ brightness settings. Who really needs that? Brightest setting still works outside in the bright sun and dimmest setting great for low light. IMO, perfect. Adjustment knob is on the left side is out of the way of anything you want to put behind it. Great job . . .”

We are receiving more reviews of the Mepro TRU-DOT RDS every day, too many to post!

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