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Front Line Deep Concealment Tuckable Holster

By 7.62 Precision

Tuckable IWB holsterThe Front Line Deep Concealment Tuckable IWB Holster is designed to be the most comfortable, concealable, and stable IWB holster. The design is simple and uncomplicated. The holster conforms the the body of the wearer and blends the shape of the pistol with the contours of the body. One of the problems with concealing a traditional IWB holster is that the shape of the holster is essentially the shape of the pistol, and the clothing bumps out around this shape, making it obvious that something is worn in the waistband. The loops or clip, being placed on top of the pistol, add even more bulk that must be concealed. By moving the belt loops off of the pistol (to the front and rear of the holster, the overall thickness of the holster is reduced, the shape blends with the body and looks natural, and the holster becomes much more stable, refusing to rock or slide on the belt.

Deep Concealment Tuckable IWB Holster LeatherThe Deep Concealment Tuckable IWB Holster may be worn as a normal IWB holster with a loose covering garment, as an IWB holster with the shirt tucked in over the pistol, or outside the waistband as a belt holster. It is available in brown or black leather, with optional suede or Alpha linings, and can be built with or without thumb-break retention.

There are two holster that I wear on a daily basis for concealed carry. The first is the Yamam IWB, which I wear any time I am doing any training, and when I am wearing the right casual clothing to conceal it. The second is the Deep Concealment Tuckable holster, which I wear under a suit jacket, a tucked-in dress shirt or t-shirt, or any time I am wearing clothing that would reveal a bulge if I were wearing the Yamam holster. I also wear it any time that I feel that I need to be very sure that there is no possibility that the fact that I am carrying a full-sized pistol will be revealed. Because the two holsters place the pistol in the same position on my body, there is no issue for me to interchange the holsters.

A pistol in an IWB holster can be better concealed by tucking it under a shirt than by wearing a shirt untucked. A tucked shirt naturally blouses out over the area in which the pistol is concealed, creating an irregular shape that will totally disguise the shape of the weapon. A tucked-in shirt also says, “There is nothing hidden in this waistband.”

The Deep Concealment Tuckable holster is the most comfortable holster that I have worn. It is also the most concealable holster that we offer.

FL90xx0 Deep Concealment Tuckable IWB Holster
Material: Premium leather, finished brown or black, optional suede lining or Teflon Lining
Style: Tuckable inside the waistband (can also be worn outside the waistband)
Fits: Up to 1.5 inch (40mm) belts

Deep Concealment Tuckable IWB holster - Black LeatherDeep Concealment Tuckable IWB holster on belt
This IWB holster can also be worn as a belt holster.

Deep Concealment Tuckable IWB Holster Leather

The Deep Concealment Tuckable Holster (above right) blends with the shape of the body and looks more natural by avoiding the bulge created by a more traditional IWB holster (above left).

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